Leaf Shield

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection Adelaide

Real Home Improvements SA and our sister company, Leaf Shied, have come together to offer our customers an innovative and market leading gutter protection system. Real Home Improvement stands by Leaf Shield to deliver the most cost-effective leaf mesh system for families and businesses of Adelaide.

It is the common situation that as the gutters of your Adelaide home are located out of sight, then ultimately the idea of cleaning them regularly becomes out of mind also. The time when we are forced to act is usually as a reactive measure to some other problem which has arisen due to blockages such as – water overflowing, internal water damage, stagnant water etc.

With the purpose of gutters to guide rainwater and moisture away from the side of your house, when waste builds up in gutters, damage can be caused. Water can seep into the foundations of your home and cause wood rot, and even creating black mould in your walls.

The Leafshield gutter protection system will fit on virtually any type of roof and, and is a simple and effective measure to prevent leaves and other natural debris from blocking your gutters, down pipes and underground drains. Regardless of the type of roof our qualified Leafshield gutter guard fitters can customise the fitting to suit any situation.

Leaf shields unique poly mesh and aluminium mesh deign protects your gutters and drinking water from debris and leaves.

When Leaf Shield is installed it will totally encapsulate your gutters and valleys, debris will simply just blow off your roof and prevent vermin such as mice, rats, birds and possums from entering your home. Leaf Shield keeps everything out except the rain.

Protect your Gutters with Quality Leaf Shield

Leafshield gutter guards prevent leaves and debris building up in your gutters, ensuring they are healthy and functioning perfectly at all times.

Rather than spending money on expensive gutter repairs in Adelaide, invest in Leafshield. Leafshield will protect your gutters from damage and reduce maintenance. Whether you need assistance with box gutters, valley protection, inspection points, or even new guttering, rest assured the team at Leaf Shield are waiting to hear from you.

Once installed by our friendly team of guttering experts, the Leaf Shield system works for you all year round keeping the debris away, but allowing the clean rain water to pass through your gutters effortlessly. Aside from making gutter cleaning a thing of the past on your ‘to do list’, as a by-product, it also it also extends the life of your gutters. Rather than paying for new guttering in years to come.

Leaf Shield makes cleaning out gutters a breeze and are equipped with a number of inspection points. Stop taking the risk with unsteady ladders and reduce the risk of fires dramatically and suits all roof types.

Gutter Repair Adelaide

Dripping on Joins & Corners

You see this happen often in older gutters where the gutters leak on corners and joins. This is usually due to the gutters holding water, as the falls on the gutters have shifted over time. with the movement of the house or blocked downpipes or gutters themselves. Over time that consistent drip on to timber work starts to rot the timber facias. Once this occurs the expense of repairs jump significantly.

Rusted Gutters

Rusting gutters with holes throughout cause major problems and can quickly rot out timber facia boards due to the volume of water that comes from those gaping holes. Customers often ask if it is worth just fixing the affected area instead of replacing the gutters. Depending on the availability of the profile we can but it is not recommended as the problems causing that section of gutter to be affected need to be rectified to stop this problem continuing to occur.


Do you have enough downpipes on your home? The majority of homes we see with guttering issues such as overflowing gutters and rotten facia timbers are due to the fact the home does not have enough downpipes/stormwater to take the water away in heavy rains. You should have a downpipe every 10 meters and the fall of your gutter should slope towards those downpipes wherever possible.


At Real Home Improvements SA, all of our home improvement solutions are custom made to suit your specific requirements. For this reason, we offer a free measure and quote service.