Roofing Adelaide

Roof Restorations Adelaide

Is your roof more than 25 years old? It might be time for a roof restoration with Adelaide's number 1 roof restorers, Real Home Improvements SA.

Whether your roof tiles have lost their protective glazing or been compromised by stormy weather; there are cracks in your ridge capping cement; or your roof has become a breeding ground for lichen and moss, time is of the essence to ensure your roof does not sink into a state of disrepair.

Are the cracks starting to show? Sadly our roofs don't stay beautiful forever, and ware and tear is inevitable. First impressions mean a lot, but where do you start? A roof restoration vastly improves the look and value of your home and can bring your home up to date. When your roof looks amazing, so does the rest of your home. That's where we come in.

Real Home Improvements SA will work with you through every aspect of the roof restoration so you are 100% confident in the outcome.

Start the process today with a FREE roof inspection

Your Go-To Source For Roof Restorations In Adelaide

We take great pride in our quality of service, materials, and workmanship. In fact, we are so confident in the work we do that every roof restoration Adelaide is covered by our exclusive 10-year guarantee.

You can trust our team of Real Home Improvements SA experts to:.

  • Replace broken or chipped tiles
  • Pressure wash your roof with our 2500psi high-pressure equipment
  • Repair ridge capping cement and point with flexi point cement
  • Reseal and colour coat your roof with our three-coat process
  • Restore iron and colorbond roofing
Our goal is to transform and rejuvenate your roof, protect you and your loved ones for years to come, and add significant value to your home.

We Also Offer Colorbond Re-Roofing In Adelaide

With a 20 year guarantee on True Oak Roofing from Revolution Roofing you cant go past Real Home Improvements SA when it comes to Re-Roofing your home in Adelaide or the surrounding country area’s.

Real Home Improvements SA can replace your existing heavy cement or terracotta roof tiles or re-roof your existing iron roof with True Oak roofing and because of our buying power you pay no more than you would for standard colorbond roofing iron. The other benefit when choosing to reroof your home in Colorbond steel is the fact that it now comes in continuous lengths from top to bottom meaning no joins.

When you choose to re-roof your home in Adelaide, Real Home Improvements SA can give you a free quote on the cost of replacing your roof and in most cases we can price it up on the spot so you are not waiting around for weeks for a quote.

When we Re-roof your home all OH&S standards are met as your safety and the safety of our employees are paramount. Our fully qualified and bonded tradespeople are the best at their trade, and all worksites are left clean and rubbish free.

Gutter Repair Adelaide

Dripping on Joins & Corners

You see this happen often in older gutters where the gutters leak on corners and joins. This is usually due to the gutters holding water, as the falls on the gutters have shifted over time. with the movement of the house or blocked downpipes or gutters themselves. Over time that consistent drip on to timber work starts to rot the timber facias. Once this occurs the expense of repairs jump significantly.

Rusted Gutters

Rusting gutters with holes throughout cause major problems and can quickly rot out timber facia boards due to the volume of water that comes from those gaping holes. Customers often ask if it is worth just fixing the affected area instead of replacing the gutters. Depending on the availability of the profile we can but it is not recommended as the problems causing that section of gutter to be affected need to be rectified to stop this problem continuing to occur.


Do you have enough downpipes on your home? The majority of homes we see with guttering issues such as overflowing gutters and rotten facia timbers are due to the fact the home does not have enough downpipes/stormwater to take the water away in heavy rains. You should have a downpipe every 10 meters and the fall of your gutter should slope towards those downpipes wherever possible.


Interested in our quality products? At Real Home Improvements SA, all of our home improvement solutions are custom made to suit your specific requirements. For this reason, we offer a free inspection and quote service.